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Mortara ELI 250c 12-Lead Interpretive Resting ECG Machine


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Model: ELI 250c

Brand: Mortara

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The ELI 250c EKG machine is a compact and lightweight, the ELI 250c Electrocardiograph provides comprehensive functionality in an easy-to-use, portable device. This high-res color display offers 12-lead ECG preview and post-acquisition review. The machine fully integrates with all office protocol and computer systems for paperless results but also can provide paper tracking in a feature rich system with high-resolution LCD display capability. Supports pacemaker spike detection with 40,000 sps/channel data capture and has 1k sps/channel capture for signal assessment during analysis, display & printing. The standard accessories includes, 10-Lead Patient Cable with AM12 USB connection, 1 Pack of Paper, 1 Pack of Electrodes (100 Count), 10 Alligator Clips, User Manual and a 3-Year Warranty.

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