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Terms and Conditions

When you shop online with EKG Machines For Sale, you agree to our sales Terms and Conditions. Such terms and conditions as they relate to price include that all fees and required charges will be paid by the buyer and included in the purchase price, disclosed at the time of purchase, unless otherwise indicated at the time of the purchase. Please be advised that EKG Machines For Sale's terms of sale are subject to change without notice.

Additionally, all required agreements must be fully executed before ownership of the equipment transfers from the seller (EKG Machines For Sale) to the buyer (yourself). When the purchase involves copyright protected software, buyer must be aware of and comply with any such restrictions that attend to such copyright, including limitations for resale and use. Failure to remand purchase price in full or comply with restrictions and limitations inherent in the product sale will negate the sale. Acts of God exempt the seller from obligations under these terms and conditions. Buyer is responsible for maintaining insurance from the time of shipment. A full inspection of purchased equipment must be completed within 24 hours of delivery, and reports of defective merchandise must be made within 72 hours of receipt in order for redress claims to be valid. Unless expressly stated in writing at the time of sale, seller disclaims all liability or warranties on equipment performance and use.

EKG Machines For Sale encourages you to understand all facets of the terms and conditions.